Regalbuto Research Group Facilities

Synthesis and Characterization

Physisorption: Micromeritics ASAP 2020

  • porosimetry and surface area measurements with Nitrogen or Argon dosing

Chemisorption/TPX: Micromeritics Autochem II 2920 Analyzer

  • temperature programmed analysis under gas flow and active metal surface measurement
  • pH meters
  • Muffle (Static Air) and Horizontal Flow Furnaces for thermal treatment


Suite of gas flow and liquid phase reactors and associated analytical, including high pressure and high throughput capabilities. Product analysis with GC w/ autosampler or HPLC w/autosampler.

Regalbuto Lab Facilities

Other USC Catalysis Facilities

Access through collaborators / ChE department

Regalbuto Lab facilities

Rigaku Miniflex II Powder X-ray diffractometer with Si slit D/tex Ultra detector

Rigaku Smartlab SE II In-Situ Powder X-ray diffractometer with high temperature stage and Si slit D/tex-250 Ultra detector

Inductively Coupled Plasma – Optical Emission Spectrometer: Perkin Elmer Avio 200

  • elemental composition analysis

Atomic Absorption Spectrometer – Perkin Elmer AAnalyst 400

  • elemental composition analysis
Regalbuto Lab Facilites

Custom TPx with Inficon Transpector 2 Mass Spec

2x UV vis Spectrometer with online/autosampler (one with diode array)

Reglabuto Lab facilities

Wave driver 20 Bipotentiostat

Electron Microscopy Center

Hitachi H-8000 200 kV transmission electron microscope with STEM, AMT digital camera, Kevex x-ray microanalysis system

Regalbuto Lab facilities

Jeol 100CXII 100 kV TEM

Regalbuto Lab facilities

Zeiss FEI environmental SEM (FESEM) with EDAX x-ray dispersive analyzer

Regalbuto Lab facilities

FEI Quanta 200 environmental SEM with EDAX

Regalbuto Lab facilities

Aberration-corrected JEOL 2100F Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope (STEM); staffed by full time scientist.

Surface Science

Regalbuto Lab facilities
  • Kratos Axis Ultra DLD X-ray photoelectron spectroscope (XPS) with catalysis cell; staffed by full time scientist.
  • Digital Instruments Nanoscope III scanning probe microscope (AFM, STM, FM)
  • Omicron UHV STM with XPS, LEED
  • Mattsson Infinity AR60 infrared spectrometer

Other Analytical Equipment

  • NMR facility with Varian Mercury 300, Bruker 400, Varian Mercury 400, Varian Inova 500 instruments; staffed by two full-time scientists
  • Mass Spectrometry facility with 7 instruments, with CI, EI, FAB, MALDI capabilities, staffed by three full-time technician
Regalbuto Lab facilities

Computational Facilities

  • Chemical Engineering Computer cluster: 64 compute nodes with dual core dual AMD Opteron processors (Gigabit Ethernet interconnect)
  • CEC computer clusters consisting of 76 compute nodes with dual core dual XEON processors (Infiniband interconnect) and a second SGI Altix machine with 128 Itanium cores